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while ($i_need_a_developer) {^500 if ($frustration_level < $fed_up) {^300 // Get out of an endless loop of // bad code and poor execution. // I need someone who actually // listens and understands my // business model. $frustration_level += 1;^100 } else ($call_REST_studios) {^300 // The tech guys who actually // handle all my digital needs // while I sit back and relax. exit; //Finally! } }

We believe that software should not be stressful.

Whether you need an enterprise-grade internal application for your multi-national organization, an e-commerce engine to expand your small business, or a sleek new mobile app for your early stage startup, we’ve got you covered from design through implementation. Our highly scalable proprietary and custom solutions are lovingly crafted personally from our nerdy hands so you can REST easy.


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Maximillian Schwartz

Max Schwartz

Project Lead

Max is a business swiss army knife known for his high-level product conceptualization, strategic branding, and market savvy. With a background in product ownership, mobile UI/UX design, digital marketing, business development, and recruiting, he has experienced today’s business landscape from multiple perspectives. His extensive rolodex of both technical and creative a-listers provides a near endless supply of resources for any given endeavor. His passions include performing classical music, writing screenplays, and watching the New York Islanders lose.

Jon Belelieu

Jon Belelieu

Technical Lead

With over 12 years of creating custom software for everything from large enterprises to startups, Jon specializes in building strategic solutions that utilize his unique 21st century platform-agnostic design vision. His complete SDLC consulting experience ranges from sole ownership of proprietary software for large conglomerates to in-house mobile application development for early stage tech companies. His passions include open source technology, writing music, craft beer, travel, and watching the Toronto Maple Leafs lose.


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